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Hard difficulty feels easier than normal

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I have been playing a lot of random games lately. I recently made a transition from normal difficulty to hard, then onto very hard.

Hard difficulty, seems to me, is easier than normal difficulty. The increase in interest rate more than makes up for the increased HP and damage reduction incurred. On some occasions I ended up with 600k+ minerals which is a few times larger than my average networth on normal difficulty playing random. It feels like the new sweet spot for income farming right now.

Very Hard difficulty feels more in line in terms of challenge offered.

Anyone had similar experiences? :rolleyes:

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Yeah I'd rather agree.

I can't say it's easier, but it's certainly VERY similar, as long as you use interest.

It's maybe a bit harder at the start, but obviously with the interest, the "hard" parts at the end become quite a bit easier (such as fruits or final 5-10 levels)

When I was playing with someone, he was on hard and I was on normal, and even when I was saving up more money and was ahead in net-worth at the start, he was like 50% ahead of me by a certain point (maybe level 30), and 100% ahead of me in net-worth by like level 50 or something (these are estimates & guesses, I do not remember)

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Standard mode will lessen the difficulty on harder modes since most of the time you are most likely waiting for your opponents to finish the waves, rather than waves starting right after you finish, or waves starting right after the fastest person finishes. This gap in-between waves reduces the difficulty of a game.

If you were to play solo, creeps will start immediately after you've finished your wave, minimizing the time it would normally take to set up in Standard, or if you were to play competitive mode, you might get rushed by your opponents.

Standard mode is not the type of mode to provide much of a challenge since your opponents play the factor on the difficulty of the mode. The only way to truly control Standard mode is to always be the last one finishing creep waves which requires a build on furthest double pass (position 8, 9), defense control (purposely leaking creeps to catch further down your defense), or just plain right leaking.

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