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How to Download Element TD on Starcraft II

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How to Download Element TD for Starcraft II



So there's been a lot of people asking on the forums about the whereabouts of the map, and how to download it, so I've decided to create a guide with pictures to help users successfully download the map.

This guide also offers help on how to play the game offline. If you're wondering about that, please skip ahead.



1. Downloading the Map

2. How To Play Offline

3. Past & Present Versions

4. Final Words


1. Downloading the Map:

In order to download Element TD, you must go on Starcraft II, Battle.net 2.0 to get it. You cannot get it anywhere else, not even on the forums.

Download Instructions:

Note: Element TD is only uploaded on the following servers:

-North America/Latin America


-South East Asia

If you are in China or Korea/Taiwan, you will NOT be able to play this map until Karawasa finds a suitable uploader for those respective servers!

Step 1:

In order to successfully download Element TD to play on Starcraft II, you must log yourself onto Battle.net 2.0:


Step 2:

You should now be on the main screen.

Click the "Multiplayer" button at the top of the screen circled in red:


Step 3:

Click the "Join a Game" button under "Custom Games" to the right of the screen circled in red:


Step 4:

You should now be in the "Join Custom Game" screen, listing all the available custom games on Battle.net 2.0.

In the search bar near the top right, under your username, circled in red, type in "Element Tower Defense". It's imperative that you spell this right, otherwise, I cannot guarantee that your findings will be the same.

Hit Enter on your keyboard:


Step 5:

Once you've hit Enter on your keyboard, Element Tower Defense made by Karawasa should now be in the list.

Double click the game and you will automatically download it. We recommend that you bookmark this game for future uses.




2. How to Play Element TD Offline

If Battle.net 2.0 is down for maintenance and you're wondering how to play it offline, luckily I've also prepared some screenshots so you won't have to go looking elsewhere.

WARNING! In order to play Element TD offline, you will need to have already downloaded the map.

Offline Instructions:

Step 1:

In order to play offline you will have to login; if Battle.net 2.0 is offline, play offline.

Once you've logged on, you should automatically be at the "Single Player" screen (if not, click on the "Single Player" button near the top left corner of the screen circled in red).

Near the right of the screen, under your username, circled in red, click the "Play Versus A.I." button:


Step 2:

Once you've clicked "Play Versus A.I", search down the list for Element TD. Element TD is a 12 player map.

Find the map, and join it:




3. Past & Present Versions:

For more information about latest versions and changelogs, please visit the Past & Present Versions.


4. Final Words:

Hopefully this guide has helped you successfully download the map, or play offline. If you have any questions, comments, or see any mistakes, please don't hesitate to comment here to inform me.

I'd also like to thank Karawasa for making this wonderful game for Starcraft II.


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Sorry, although I did exactly the procedure is, I could not find Element Tower Defense in Taiwan server. Could anyone help me? I really want to play this!

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Oh the map is only uploaded on selected servers... I don't know the official list atm, but the servers I know that have the map are NA, and Europe. If I can get a confirmation on which servers have this map, I can update the guide.

If you can't seem to find the map, it probably means the map wasn't uploaded in your region.

Sorry for not mentioning this in the guide.

EDIT: Alright, thanks for reporting this, I've updated the guide to reflect this. Also, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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