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Torrent vs. Quake

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The numbers:

Quake: .4*200/.66=121.21

Torrent: 2067/(100/(10/(1/.31)))=66.6774194


Quake: 40% chance to hit for 200 every 2/3rds second=121 AoE DPS

Torrent: 2067 damage/(100 attacks/(1/.31 attacks per second))=66.6774194 AoE DPS

Yes, torrent has 2 more range. That is irrelevant.

On single target damage:

Quake: 200/.66=303

Torrent: 80/.31=258.064516

Also of note is that even with a fountain tower, you'll only get torrent/tsunami's AoE once every 14 seconds. This is compared to 1.21 AoEs every second with quake. Meaning that your variance will be through the roof on torrent. Sometimes, you'll completely overkill a wave, and other times, the AoE won't hit jack crap.


Torrent is extremely shitty.

Furthermore, until both mildew and ice get ground attack commands, mildew >>> ice by virtue of the fact that you'll only hit ice's detonation if you're firing directly into an enemy line, instead of any other direction.

Aka if you go LNW, your triple-element tower sucks, as does your aoe dual element. So if you want to go immortal+fountain, those are the only two towers you'll be building the entire game.

Suggestion: instead of cranking up the levels on torrent, simply have it do a 360 AoE pop every 10 attacks, and have tsunami hit for 1800 every 10 attacks automatically. Also, increase single target damage to 90.

Ice needs attack ground.

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