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Element TD 0.77

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-Implemented Competitive Type

-Implemented Extreme Type

-Implemented Standard Type

-Implemented Race Type

-Fixed dialogs "not disappearing" under player vote (if you timeout)

-Added graphical effect upon killing of elemental boss

-Added "elemental summoning center" to control group 2

-Added hotkey to Douse (LNW) level 2

-Designated a chat channel on the loadscreen

-Removed "below average" function from countdown timer

-Tightened countdown timer multipliers to 1/1/2/3/3 from 1/2/3/4/5 (VH-VE)

-Fixed typo in "creep mode" dialog

-Fixed typos in "length mode" dialog

-Summoning Center now additionally pinged at game start

-Pulverize (EFN) now has a 50% chance of firing up from 33%

-Stacking of Maledict (DFN) eliminated

-Stacking of Frostbite (ELW) eliminated

-Nerfed Polar Tower (ELW) damage to 100 down from 300

-Buffed Disease Tower (DN) range to 10 up from 8

-Buffed Poison Tower (DW) damage to 12 up from 10

-Fixed missing ability icon (cosmetic only) for Microwave (FN2) and Nuclear (FN3) Towers

-Fixed pathing errors (could stack) for various towers

-Fixed all problems with Torrent/Tsunami (LNW) Towers

-Dialog timers extended to 8/12 (host/player) from 6/9

-Added a "game selection" text after voting to summarize results

-Stacking of Gaia's Wrath (DEN) eliminated

-Stacking of Particle Field (FLW) eliminated

-Fixed "forever vote dialog" if player leaves during player vote

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Holy crap polar nerf.


Because it's a support tower and shouldn't be doing as much or even more damage than Oblivion. Also, why should it do 3x as much damage as Muck?

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