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Interest and Single Player

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My remark with unlimited interest referred indeed to 0.80. At the time of posting, 0.80b hadn't hit the EU servers yet, but it has in the meantime, and it works as intended. Sorry for the confusion.

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Never have I ever gotten enough minerals to fill up the map with triples in multiplayer. Not even close. Not even half of the map. This is a degenerate situation.

Hello, in MP it can be done ...

build is : $DLWDLWDLPP

Although it's on normal difficulty mod.

You will be doing the 1st 50 lvl with only 2 comet and 1 Deceit tower .. kinda imba on those lvl difficulty in fact.

Then by lvl 57+ you will have around 200k+ money and 4 pure elem tower.

You can fll the map with comet with this.

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