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V0.63 Neutrals won with most fruits?

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So I were trying to confirm another bug where you were supposed to be able to get infinite pures by spamming the upgrade button while having several buildings selected. (try to upgrade 3 refined at the same time with 0/1 supply and enough resources would give you 3/1 supposed by the bug)

So I started an ultra short mode and normal (since it's easier to stay alive at normal and very easy is just so slow in between levels) Sadly I didn't get any level 3 elements at all, but I did get periodic tower. And I was unable to do anything buggy with it (except that it is untargetable before it finished building, can't be canceled) since if I queued I would lose 1 supply even before it started to build the tower.

But I still finished the game, and I get the message that "Neutral has won with 31" (or similar) kills while I had 39 (or similar) kills. Maybe I should have had those 31 kills, or something else happened.

Element Tower Defense _14_.SC2Replay

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