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v0.1 Johnny's log

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So... first thing: target tracking. Towers don't autoshoot the first creep on the track, more like to "shoot a random creep".

Disease tower asks for Darkness 1 + Earth 1, instead of Darkness 1 + Nature 1 - tooltip only, works as intended.

-level code still won't work when creeps won't appear anymore.

randomly, creeps stop appearing (first game on 0.1 with alguemx, they stopped appearing when we cleared lvl 48) - undead wave? I built a lot of light towers to make sure I was covering the whole map and that no creeps got left behind.

alguemx reported a blinking light on the human interface. I was playing with protoss interface, didn't see anything.

also, when a player leaves, their resources get shared with players that stay in game. alguemx had 400k+ minerals, and when he left, I received it all (standard behavior for SC2 games)

when selecting multiple towers and telling them all to upgrade, sometimes the upgrade bar won't even show up.

when selecting multiple towers and telling them to sell, they'll sell one at a time. Beats the "mass sell" idea of selecting multiple towers.

Congrats for fixing the "unlimited pure essence" bug! I was unable to build a pure element tower without the essence ;)

Element Tower Defense_ 0_1.SC2Replay

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Just to clarify, the towers shoots at the most nearby creep until it changes target (and thus again shooting at the nearby creep).

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