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Jello's ongoing list of bugs

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I already told ya Karawasa, but I'll give it a whirl before I head to bed.

1. Illusion waves have 1 hp. They also don't get targeted by towers.

2. Light / Dark / impulse(celestial?) all have range 16, which isn't the same as wc3. Not a bug just thought I'd take note of it. Seems like the range on alot of towers aren't exactly the same, but it's not a problem

3. Nova to Supernova doesnt work but takes your money

- same for Tsunami -> Torrent

4.Plasma towers don't autocast the plasma field. ( take no no autocast right click option either )

5.Tsunami towers dont autocast even WITH the autocast on.

Thats what I encountered with in my first game. More to come when I abuse it some more.

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