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Soul Catcher + Pure build

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I have been trying this build recently and there are some things about it that go against what I would normally do. Mainly I am at odds whether to build my upgraded life towers asap or hold of till later. Build them so early kills my interest rate and my towers overkill the creeps with sometimes triple or quadruple damage what is necessary to kill them. However getting the upgraded life towers early gets me more lives latter on.

Getting the lives is necessary because when Ronald comes along it becomes a long war of attrition. For every 3 Ronalds that leak I kill a Ronald and get a life back. So far doing this I got around 300 Ronald kills. 232 Ronald kills on multiplayer on Normal difficulty with people screwing me up.

Basically what my end game build ends up is 5 Pures and the rest of the entire map covered in Soul Catchers. I make a team of the Pures and focus fire each Ronald and have the Soul Catchers clean up the resurrected Ronalds. I try to make sure the Pures do not kill low hp Ronalds. I make 2 more teams of 12 Soul Catchers near the end of the run to snipe low hp Ronalds.

Basically the build is LNILNILNPPPPPP which has gotten me about 200 lives by the time Ronald comes along.

I try and rush those life towers as fast as I can so I can start getting lives right away.

I have been thinking of going LNIILNLNPPPPP to get more money early on instead and using slightly cheaper towers placed in ultra high efficiency locations that are like a combination of 2 pass + long pass at the same time.

Maybe it would be better to get double interest first and save up money to go strait to the high end life towers where you only need a few kills per tower to gain a life.

Also what would you say is the best location for the Nature Pure? I am not sure if I should use 4 Light Pures and 1 Nature Pure or just go ahead and use 5 Light Pures for the Ronald Stage.

I also heard it is worth selling the Pure Towers and rebuilding them to gain more interest. Is this really worth it? I mean you lose 25% of the gold on it every time you sell and it takes forever to rebuild it right?

Anyway how would you guys go about using this type of tactic?

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