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Guide to playing -random

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This guide covers one of the most popular modes, -random. How to make the best of a random set of elements, interest and essences?

Early game strategies

The first 15 waves can be played using the standard arrow opening at IV/V. The build is as follows:

(s=super, n=normal, a=advanced, e=element), disregarding elemental damage: (contributed by jolin)

1 S

2 SN

3 SA

4 SS

5 SS

6 SS

7 E

8 E

9 EN

10 ES

11 EE

12 EE

13 EE

Remember that for undead waves, cannon AoE always works better.

There is a permanent group, as listed above, built at IV. The 1 or 2 towers fire at the same creep, dealing just enough damage to kill it. It is difficult to have 3 arrows shoot the same creep all the time. If two elemental arrows are insufficient to kill the creeps in one volley, it may be better to use cannons or super arrows. Another group of towers, built at V is sold and rebuilt for interest. Some do build at VII, sell for interest and rebuild at V. Without this group, one or two creeps tend to be leaked. While not the fastest, this is a cost-efficient way to kill the creeps. This takes some micro so practice!

Mid-game strategies

Usually, this is where the action is. Use 200% damage where possible. Farm the interest here. Remember that in random, all towers are temporary. You can always overbuild and sell some towers just before the interest. The only 'permanent' towers may be the support towers, which do not relocate very well. Unless you randomed a strong build, it makes sense to relocate to a slower placement such as III, expanding up to VI, especially if you have been rushing your opponets out of the game at VII/IV/V. This would allow you to better prepare and farm some interest for the endgame.

End-game strategies

At this stage, tier1 duals do almost no damage. You best choice here is definately pures/periodic if you have. Tier2 triples are the next best. If not, use the tier2 duals or the stronger single target triples (impulse, zealot, hail). Build all the support towers available.

It may be that the only way to deal with certain waves is to relocate, sometimes even more than once, VII-V-III-IX or similar , although this is (very) difficult witth a large number of towers and time taken to upgrade.

Manually target creeps to reduce leaks. Kill as many as possible rather than dealing damage to all creeps and killing none. With long range towers, target those with low life or those at the back where there is more time to make a kill.

Interest farming

In the early game with few towers, cast the buffs of the well/blacksmith manually and sell the support dual after casting the buff. When the buff is about to expire, rebuild the support dual. Remember the buff lasts 60 sec, so it is about 3 rounds of interest.


-random is all about making the best use of the set. Not every game can go to ronalds. In fact, most games end before that. The best players get to roanlds in probably around 5-10% of games played. Aim to know the common towers and strong combinations well.

in multiplayer, the aim may be to simply rush your opponents out of play rather than actually completing the game.



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