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Guest Fk.Hammerfall

Big bug on the last v

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Guest Fk.Hammerfall

Hi everybody, first i say you, i'm french so i'm sorry if my english is little bad ...

So, I've found a bug in the last version 4.1b.

In fact, if you build a tower HERE (and u can ... ) : http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/8559/bugele.png

And when the tower is built ( every towers work ), the monsters who come run in TD stay near from where they pop. Try to build a tower here and u will see by urself !

So it permit you to beat the game as u want because creeps don't really move ! The bug work on several player's race.

Now u just have to solve this bug ! For information, i've found this bug playing 1 week ago but i didn't had the time to post before so i do now, maybe somebody told you about this bug but i am the real discoverer !

Thx for reading.

Cordially, Fk.Hammerfall

PS : if u could write my name on credits of the new version if would be very happy :rolleyes:

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