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Things To Test

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* Draft Pick. This should be ready to go now...please confirm this! Also test "Draft Query" added to your builder.

* New Towers. Try out Disease, Oblivion, and Poison. Do they work as intended? Do you like them?

* Quark Tower. Does it bug anymore?

* Balance. How does 1125 range feel? How does 120% tier 3 dual support feel? I need feedback regarding these changes.

* Shrapnade (Gunpowder). Initial shot is now homing...does this work as intended? Like the change?

* Zoom. Any negative side effects? Like it?

* Minimum Difficulty (dialog menu). Does it work? Do you like it?

* Element Query. Does this display correct numbers? More useful than the old one?

* Sudden Death. Does Ronald work after the 2000th kill? Do you like this change?

* Game Time. Any problems with this feature?

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