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[3.0] Gip's Historic Replays

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Heyya. This is GipFace! I don't play EleTD anymore, but I was one of the people who pushed for competitive EleTD play back in the 3.0 days. I thought it would be a shame to have these disappear forever, so here you go! Relics from the past! If you haven't seen serious 3.0 replays, you may be shocked at some of these!

You will need V1.21a to watch all of these. I don't own War3 anymore (sold it) so sorry if some of the descriptions are off. Without further ado...

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - 27m 59s SP record.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...s SP record.w3g

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - 30m 03s MP record.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...s MP record.w3g

60 level speedrun. 27:59 in single, 30:03 in multi (towers fire slower). This was hotly contested back in the day.

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH AR Lava rush.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...R Lava rush.w3g

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR instant kill rush.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...t kill rush.w3g

These two are a must-see. Most players wanted to outlast their opponents in the Ronald stage. They were wimps. Hyperprimate was the first EleTD tournament winner back in 2006; he won because he pressured everyone else into leaking. I took that to the next level and regularly built in position 7 and /, causing people to lose in a quick and humiliating fashion. Instant kill towers were regarded as garbage until I showed everyone what they were capable of. For a large portion of 2007, I rarely lost in VH SR mode using this aggressive tactic.

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR from hell 1 - $$D$DN.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...6;D$DN.w3g

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR from hell 2 - $$$ELDEEF.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...#036;ELDEEF.w3g

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR from hell 3 - LN$$LDWNNLE.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...036;LDWNNLE.w3g

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - VH SR Spectrum at 31.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...ctrum at 31.w3g

VH SR was the most common competitive setting. It was trivial to survive to Ronald once you got the Storm tower (it was that good back then), but sometimes luck wasn't kind. Here are four games which had a difficult random set. Of course, no one else could survive.

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/GipFace - XVH SR learn to 27.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/Gip...learn to 27.w3g

XVH SR was a whole different beast. Unlike VH SR, where I "rarely lost," no one could beat me in XVH SR. Period. I remember Cisz and jolin012 each going 0-5 against me in this mode. Here's a peek at how to survive. It required constant tower switching and you could never rest, not even for a moment.

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/VS Good and jolin012.w3g

http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/VS jolin012 - EDLWEWLWFEN.w3g://http://nnl1.com/miscfile/eletd3/VS ...EDLWEWLWFEN.w3g

If someone did last as long as me, there was a trick I used in the Ronald stage. If you had a powerful gaming computer (which I did), you could fill your entire field with basic water and light towers. This would lag the other player out because their graphics card/CPU wouldn't be able to handle it. Now that it is 2009, this trick is much less likely to be successful, but it's good to keep it in mind. Always fill your field up during the Ronald stage.


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