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WC3 Version Switcher

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Warcraft Version Switcher

Well after long time someone made solution how to use more then 1 version of warcraft B)

I finally found some time to make guide how to use it

1. Store your curent warcraft version

Open program

Click on "Store curent version"


In Combo box choose your current version (1.20 for example)


Click on "Make zip package"


2. Install new game patch

There is nothing important to say about this,

Accept that if you get error while instaling patch

Its cause you use cracked war3.exe or worldedit.exe

Thats why before you use crack (If u use it)

u should move original exe files on some safe place ;)

3. Store new version

Its same as step 1,

But Combo box doesnt offer u 1.21 version,

So you have to save it with some other name (example put 1.11)

Click on "Make zip package"

Now go to your "warcraft version switcher" root directory

There is "wvs" directory

inside u can find Zip package called "TFT Version 1.11.zip"

Rename it to "TFT Version 1.21.zip"

4. Well that's it

Click on "Switch version"


and simply double click on version which u want to use



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