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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I just had a quick mechanics question. It's impossible to reliably test this in-game because there's no combat log, but basically it's what the title says. How do debuffs that stack infinitely (or otherwise) stack with different levels of that debuff? Like, say you have a flamethrower tower at the top left corner that applies stacks of the napalm debuff to the target, and then a flamespewer tower in the middle section that applies the same debuff, but at a higher level. Do all applied stacks of the flamethrower napalm debuff get updated to the flamethrower debuff when a unit gets attacked by the flamespewer? Or does it just add stacks of the same level debuff that the flamethrower tower applied, without updating to the flamespewer debuff? And as a corollary, if the buff stacks do get updated, is it omnidirectional? Like, using the above example, let's say the tower positions were reversed (that is, flamespewer at top left and flamethrower in center section); do the buff stacks get downgraded when the flamethrower tower attacks the creeps, or does the game just take the highest level debuff and just add stacks of that? thanks in advance!
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