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Found 1 result

  1. There has been few discussions is Hail Tower good or not.. I think it is weak, even after these "buffs". So I got few ideas how to improve it slightly. There is the basic increase damage / attack speed etc.. But that's just boring.. Bring back the previous version Hail Tower, it was all about getting 14 hits and release the spread. Now you have lower attack range = less hits. Wider spread dosen't really matter, old one was enough. Make ability psuedo-random, instead of having 14 hit limit. Make some kinda charge system for the ability. Every time it hits a target, you get 1 charge. You can store unlimited amount of charges. After 14 charges, the ability triggers if you the ability on auto-cast. (Basically works same way as now.) You can turn the auto-cast off and cast it manually, consuming 14 charges. (This allows you to use spread attacks back to back.) To balance this.. Maybe you get charge every kill, instead of hit. The ability has cooldown, so you can't just build 10 Hail Towers at the start, and spam 10000 spreads last wave. Not sure how new players feel about this, you kinda need to micro and make control groups and stuff to make it efficient. And something small that you can actually change.. When you hover mouse over the ability, you see the spread range.
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