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  1. my biggest question is still, i managed to reach the scoreboard (insane/express with 352k points) but i dont see me there, and the leaderboard does not work ingame...
  2. you said, u are not supporting the dota2 version anymore, so my question, which one u still support?!
  3. how can i get the original version of this game?
  4. I installed the game like 3 day ago, and some of the effects ingame-like the tornade for example, i cant see this effects of the tornado or roots, what can i do, so i can see this? (but i can this the deabuff on mos) and it cant be my hardware... One more question: The Leaderboard does not work ingame for me too. Last question, i swear :D : The Leaderboard on the page, do u guys update it? (bcs i see only old numbers, like 1year ago and stuff like this), im asking bcs im in the top 250 in express and it does not show me my achievment* xD ... Some feedback would be nice. awesome game btw
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