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  1. Hi, big fan of the EleTd genre, keep up the good work I have been playing the mobile EleTd for some time now and i am really wondering how people score over 2 million points. Not asking for a complete solution, just a hint or some tips maybe For example i played Ruins on insane +rush/random/caos without leaking till past wave 55, survived till wave 61 and scored somewhere around 1.5 million. Current global place 2 has more than 5million score on same map/difficulty and reached wave 62. Where does that giant difference come from? This has been asked before but no sulutions were offered and its bugging me enough to ask again, sry Sry if i messed up some grammar/spelling, not a native english speaker Thx in advance for any answeres, if your reading this, have a nice day! Edit: Maximising the speed multiplier doesnt do the trick eather ^^
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