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  1. Thanks for reply. Yes I completed every achievememts except those two. I played "Grove" without any mode (God, chaos, rush etc) I tried several times but didnt work. I also tried other maps but didnt work. I wonder what I did wrong Interestingly, I completed in hard mode. But with same method, I could not unlock in insane mode. So as far as I understand, those should be qualifed in either Express or Classic mode right? And I should have only 7 differnet type towers for Rainbow and 9 towers for Min-Max regardless of level (e.g. lvl2 tower or mixed tower whatever) correct?
  2. Hello, I've been enjoying elememt td. I have only 2 achievements left but I tried following description but I cannot unlock for some reasons. So, I would be the grateful if you give me specific example for Rainbow defense and Minimalist-Maximus. So far, I've tried 7 towers which were periodic and one of each element towers for Rainbow Defense in Express without any duplication of element type any time. And I tried exact 9 towers which were some mixed(including lvl 2) and some lvl 4. But never exceed 9 at any time. Thanks.
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