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  1. I figured I would try and see if the paid version is any different... And I like you guys and the idea of giving money to felllow WC3 map devs. It loads a atch perfectly fine... Cheeky bastards. The free version stil crashes. I did not do in-app purchase, i purchased the full version from Google Play. This is very troubling, and I would strongly urge you to look into this further, As it is nice to let one experiencing the framework of the game before devoting real world currency. sorry for double post.
  2. I am running the newest version provided by Google Play as of 11/3, I have restarted my device since install, and have attempted express and standard mode's and explored all menus. Could it be my phone is too old to support newer Unity codecs or the render of the environment or resources references something this version of android lacks? *p.s sweet footer dude...
  3. I am running the same version of android on a Samsung GS3, and experiencing the same problem. Sad panda. Good job getting this out on tge mobile market tho. Played this so many times damn near a decade ago, lol.
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