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  1. Hi, I encountered this bug in the free version while doing my first run, if the tutorial is enable it pauses the game to teach you new things and in some cases it can lead to a softlock. Thing is, when you get lvl1 of each element, and got enough gold, it displays that you can build a Periodic Tower, and it kinda forces you to build it, but in my case, I just put to upgrade another tower when the Elemental spawned and it pause mid building, when I already had expended the gold that the triggers the tutorial, so, my game pauses, mid wave, mid construction, without enough gold to build the Periodic tower, it kinda softlocks, since I can still pan the camera and select other tiles, but can't continue to play, and the UI overlay that higlights the Periodic tower won't go away. Later I discovered that touching the (!) icon, the one that displays all the tower combinatios, and closing it, resumes the gameplay, but the UI element still remains bothering the gameplay.
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