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  1. Okay heres a last silly attempt, how about at lvl 55 u get a coin, which u use to choose between 12th element and a super pure tower, an additional upgrade to pure that could cost around 20k and can gives maybe 4x the buff? that should balance stuff out
  2. Wouldnt it be better if we balance the 3-3-3-3, by nerfing the extremely boosted buffs from the 3rd element, like even in duals- trickery at lvl 2 gives 1 tower for 20 seconds and a maximum of 2 towers for 5 seconds but the lvl 3 tower gives a full 5 towers ! and yeah the 70% slow up from 30% is a bit too high 50% wouldve been ideal, and boosting pures a bit will make it balanced in such a way that the 3-3-3 with 4 pure is as strong as 3-3-3-3 with 1 pure. And also any chance u could consider bringing back the good old bonus 1% interest at the cost of 1 lumber from dota 1 days, im sure dota 1 fanboys loved to play around that, i know it can be a abused alot but it with the proper feedback im sure it can be balanced into the game and it gives us alot more to play around with, otherwise the game gets too simplified. Like i spammed this game nonstop for 5 days, and now im just playing gem td, cz i find the game too simplified :@
  3. Please bring back the 12th element, without the 12th element so many combinations are messed up , we cant go 4 element combinations at all, we can only go for 3 now, or at least add bonus 1% interest for 1 lumber so we can spend the extra 2 lumber wisely instead of buying more pures, it was nice when u had the choice of going 4 pure and 3 combo, or 4 combo with 1 pure, Now its just fucked up again.
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