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  1. I understand you Bro. The game was so hard that guides like these are sometimes needed to excel in the game. Guides are guides but that does not mean the game will be easy. No. Even I still struggle following every guides. To those who are passionate for this game even make written records of every game, which I do. Lol. Sounds funny! Guides help us learn the game so I am very thankful to those who are generously sharing their guides in the public rather than just keeping it for themselves, they help beginners excel!
  2. Cool Man! I hope you could create screenshots per wave. That will absolutely do.
  3. Could someone make an actual gameplay on this please?
  4. Where did you get the Forge and Foundry Tower? sorry I am not familiar? XD
  5. Man, do you have any videos or screen shots per wave. Because I could hardly follow your guide. I always end up at wave 50.
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