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  1. Ah okay cool, that makes more sense, thanks for clarifying
  2. Awesome, I was hoping it might be useful for balancing or something like that. The error model in this case was a replay bug, it's happened to me maybe once or twice in an actual game which also made it unselectable so I couldn't spawn any elements. One other quick point I'd like to make whilst you're here is that (unless you've already done it and I haven't noticed) it's not clear that highscores in private lobbies won't be scored, I got a high 900k score the other day and was confused when it wasn't on the leaderboards. Otherwise though I love this gamemode too addictive, and looking forward to any upcoming changes
  3. Hey sorry if I'm a bit late to the train, thought I'd give a go at a quick video commentary aimed at being a visual accompaniment to your guide. I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions!
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