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  1. Hello!

    First of all thanks for making this real! I'm still playing warcraft III becasue of this map :D

    I would like to suggest to add "attack priority". Its not in original warcraft 3 element td but i saw it on mobile element td and its really really good option.

    Its like to set a tower to attack

    -Nearest target

    -Last target

    -First target

    -Highest hp (maybe)

    -Lowest hp (maybe)

    -Element boss (maybe)


    Last 3 are not that important. But first are very good and it will really help for gameplay since i wont have to do manual attack for those 3 mobs that passed. And if i set that crystal maiden tower (freezing i belive) to attack last target, she will always hit that line and damage most of the mobs.

    I'm not into programming so i dont know even if this is possible to do on dota 2. But if you add this, then you are awesome! :D



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