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  1. I want to start a thread for people to brag about their fruit scores! Post your highest fruit score, you don't have to say what build you used to get it. Mine at the moment: 438 All I can say is AoE FTW
  2. Okay, I played another two games and the issue didn't come up again. This must just be a big coincidence then. On the up side the build I was trying to do worked! 438 fruit points
  3. I bet it is a big coincidence then, that every time I get to that point battle.net goes down or something. If you two can't seem to replicate the error i'll just try it again and see if it happens again. Noticed in my replays there is a time difference between me getting the Tsunami tower (one of the last purchases) and the game going tits up in one of the replays. I have two replays,TSU1 is one that kind of shows the issue that I had. The second one is a little after getting the Tsunami tower but they both last 24 minutes. TSU1 lasts 24:23 TSU2 (other replay) lasts 24:14 ELETD _ TSU1.SC2Replay ELETD _ TSU2.SC2Replay
  4. Hey, I've been messing around recently with mass AoE towers and last night I managed to find the fruit bug that was previously fixed. (fixed like 10 minutes after I found the bug too) Now that the fruit bug has been fixed I find another bug I wish to report, that is losing connection with the game as soon as you build a tsunami tower or if you have a supernova, plasma and tsunami tower. This is the 4th time i've been "disconnected" from the game after building this combination. People on skype/TS or on battle.net with me can still talk to me so there is no connection issue. I can play other games without interruption but find this issue really annoying. I can provide all the replays if you want. Build path: Light, fire, nature, water, light, fire, nature, water / At this point the game crashes for me.
  5. So the bug gets updated like 10 minutes after I get the same problem? :'( I want my epic high score for killing every fruit ever!
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