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  1. Countdown timer should simply stay the way it is now, but it should not jump to 5 seconds. If everyone finishes the wave, you will be waiting 30 seconds, give or take. This is not a problem, those who would have you think it is are simply impatient and shouldn't be playing these kinds of games. I'm not talking about dragging this game out for an extra hour, I'm talking about dragging it out by a few extra minutes. Is that REALLY a big deal? I think it isn't. As for resell getting the boot, that's a good decision. Interest upgrades simply subtract from the available vespene that you could spend on other elements. Returning 2% to all difficulties is a good decision. It is what you want it to be. It's a troll post for people who are ignorant, but it's not if you're willing to entertain my suggestions... which you seem to be willing, therefore it's not for you. There's a simple way to solve that problem. The essence upgrade shouldn't disappear, it should let you continue to upgrade your essence cap however many times you want to. I do not see a problem with this. However, I would much rather there *not* be a cap at all. To me this seems pointless. If you have the money to buy really expensive pure towers, then you should be able to do it. Right now you're being double penalized, once for the expensive towers, and a second time for having to use your valuable vespene on an essence upgrade... and hell while we're at it, you get penalized a third time because you can only build at max 4 pure essence towers. It's ridiculously restrictive and for no good reason. Also, 8 pure towers does not seem unreasonable to me. If you have the money to do it, then by all means knock yourself out. The lack of minerals will put a dampener on the amount of pure towers you can afford. That's a cap by itself. None of these are good. My opinion is they are all bad because they do not have the most obvious option--A normal mode. Normal mode should make it so that when everyone finishes their wave, the countdown timer will continue to countdown until it reaches zero. Then the next wave will start simultaneously for everyone. All 60 waves should begin at the same time, every time. This gives you time to spend your vespene on an essence and kill the unit without having to worry about a flood of units rolling in. Then, as an added bonus, the fruit wave acts like any other wave and the units eventually end. Why? Why would I want the fruit wave to behave like this? Because the fruit wave (as it stands right now) is like this -- "who has the most points? He does. He wins"... You are all trying to play a casual game for 59 waves and then suddenly, EVERYONE IS AGAINST EACH OTHER ON WAVE 60. This is f*cking retarded! That is what Race / Competitive modes are for, you are *competing* against each other. Normal should *not* be a competition against other players, it should be a personal competition against the custom game. If you design something a certain way and somebody finds a way to exploit it, does that make it valid? I would hope not. The game is being played in an unintended manner (at least I hope it is)... and therefore changing the game to prevent exploitation is in order. My opinion is exploitation is an invalid way to play the game and efforts should be made to end exploitation. My difficulties stem from the countdown timer skipping to 5 seconds when everyone completes the wave. There are 1 of 2 ways this problem can be solved. 1. Fix the countdown timer, prevent it from skipping to 5 seconds. or 2. Prevent interest farming altogether. I prefer both. So while I may find it difficult, that does not mean that the problem is limited to just me, it means I'm a typical gamer who sees interest farming as unnecessary and because of this, am unwilling to improve at it. So read into that however you want, it seems at this point you're willing to ignore literal interpretation. Just because I mentioned one way resell upgrades are bad doesn't mean I'm a complete dunce. It means, I didn't bother to type out every way a resell upgrade might be useful. You are saying that rather than spending your vespene on element upgrades so that you can get better towers, you would occasionally prefer to spend a vespene on a resell upgrade so that you can save yourself from leaking on a critical wave... or so that you can sell light towers and build nature towers against earth units. That seems like a legitimate thing to do, except given the current countdown timer problem, you only have 5 seconds to do that after you complete your wave. You have 5 seconds to sell your light towers and build nature towers. You are more than welcome to frantically do stupid crap like that, but I would much rather only sell my towers when I accidentally misplace a tower. To me, that's the proper use of tower selling, to fix a misplaced tower. Here's the thing, I recognize the resell upgrade is not being *entirely* useless, but what happens if the creator removes interest in a new version of the map? The resell upgrades become 90% useless and retain about a 10% usefulness. Then, if the creator makes it so that all towers refund 100%.... that remaining 10% usefulness transforms to uselessness. It's 100% useless. So, while you would like to frantically sell your towers and change them into something to have a slightly better chance for the upcoming wave, most people would much rather build a variety of elemental towers and not abuse tower selling. And no, that doesn't make us bad at the game, that makes us sensible. I do not know who he is.
  2. First and foremost, I know where I stand. I have only played the game on Very Easy and Normal difficulty. These are my thoughts, I'm sure the vast majority of people will completely disregard them because I'm not the same caliber as them. - The switch from very easy to normal to very hard results in increased interest rate (1 to 1.5 to 2). This is bad because it literally teaches you nothing. Easy is supposed to get you comfortable with the game so that you can increase the difficulty and be prepared for the increased difficulty. Instead, you are awarded a higher interest rate which changes the game slightly. On top of this, it encourages tower selling, which is deemed a strategy by the more experienced players. The only way to practice selling your towers for the increased interest is to practice on Very Hard, where an interest of 2% is given. Do you see where I'm going with this? Practicing on Very Hard will likely cause you to lose, multiple times. You're unable to practice tower selling on Very easy or even normal difficulty because the decreased interest percentage makes the entire effort worthless. Suggestion: Set the interest refund to 2% for all difficulty modes. - Whenever everyone completes the wave, the countdown timer will jump from (example) 30 seconds remaining to 5 seconds remaining. This is infuriating because I will glance up at the time remaining and think I have 30 seconds remaining. Then out of nowhere, units will begin spawning. This has f*cked me more times than I can count. Suggestion: When everyone completes their wave, do not force start the next wave in 5 seconds. Let the countdown timer do its job. This would be like me going up to your oven and changing the timer to 5 seconds when you have 10 minutes left on your pizza. Enjoy a doughy undercooked nasty pizza. - There are a total of 60 waves, a vespene is given every 5 waves. This means, you will receive a total of 11 vespene throughout the game. Lets do some math. All 6 elements = 6 vespene 2 refund = 2 vespene That's 8 so far. Then 3 essence upgrades. That's 11. We're missing 1 essence upgrade. This means you can only have 3 pure composite towers by wave 60. The only way to get more is to not get full refund. Suggestion: Remove refund upgrades entirely. They're f*cking useless. Suggestion alternative: Grant a 12th vespene at wave 60 so that we can get a 4th pure essence upgrade. Suggestion alternative alternative: With each pure essance upgrade, double your pop. First upgrade lets you get 1 pure tower, 2nd lets you get a total of 3, 3rd lets you get a total of 7... so on and so forth. Suggestion alternative alternative alternative: Completely do away with this pure essence cap bullsh*t. It's stupid. You're already being penalized by an extremely expensive tower, why the f*ck is there a f*cking cap on this sh*t? Makes no sense. It's jacked up. - The so called pros would have you believe that selling your towers is a strategy. I disagree with this philosophy. Every 15 seconds, you are presented with an opportunity to get 1-2% interest depending on your difficulty. This encourages players to do a full refund strategy for a large portion of the game. Every other 14 seconds, players will sell their towers for a better interest result, just so that they can frantically rebuild their towers. This is absolutely f*cking retarded. I saw a video of this being done by somebody on very hard difficulty and he was good at it no doubt, but if you think this kind of gameplay is desirable by a majority of players, then you (speaking generally here) rank up there amongst the morons. That's my opinion, if you prefer this kind of gameplay, then you are a moron. Plain and simple. Suggestion: Step 1: Totally remove interest. This will discourage people from selling their towers. Step 2: Remove the refund upgrades. Kinda pointless if you remove interest, agreed? Step 3: Make all towers refund 100%. There's no benefit now, so why not? Just do it. Step 4: Play the game like a normal f*cking person. You're not asian and if you are, what the f*ck are you doing playing this sorry sh*t? Go practice pro 1v1 where you belong. Sorry if I sound like a douchebag. It's just the way I communicate. I adamantly believe my suggestions will make the game better. Please disregard the excessive cursing and snarky remarks.
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