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  1. What's is the problem what a Light Tower element waste one shot?? .... his speed atack is 0.66 ..... in the pure form ... the fire tower have to shot 5 times almost to do the same damage of the light tower, and the light tower have 22 range , the fire tower have 8 range ..... if you don't see a difference between these tower ... you are so blind .... and in Very hard mode ... that gap it's very determinant .. and don't forget what i'm talking about SC2 version
  2. i talk about bosses only for a example, the fact was agains wave .... not bosses .. Light and darkness work for everything .... even ilusions ..
  3. agree with that, splash damage are to bad agains single powerfull target ... but fire tower is bad even agains a high amount of units, too low damage i think .. idon't know
  4. i played so many times this map testing element combinations, and i think that you should give a boost to the damage, Range or AoE of Earth, Water and Fire Towers or .. maybe up the Range .. but if we compare Light Tower and Earth tower .... Light tower does 7500 damage * 0.66 speed and no AoE "splash" and range 22 Earth tower does 3750 Damage * 1 Speed and AoE "2.25 100% - 4.5 50%" and range 10 Fire tower does 1875 Damage * 0.33 Speed and AoE "1.5 100% - 3 50%" and range 8 even with the AoE, the performance and the kill Rate of the Light tower and the Darkness tower are too hight compared with Earth's and Water's Towers. especially if we talk about Element's bosses. what do you think ?? ohh i forgot ... Im talking about SC2 version
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