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  1. Hello, sorry that it took long to answer. Very often i must say, almost every game, right now i got bugged again. It happens on random levels i must say, this time i got : Earth-> Dark-> Nature then fire disappeared. Usually i get earth->dark->nature->water and then i get'em lvl 2 and fire or light disappear between those picks. No i didn't save any gas, oh btw it is in WC3 version, sorry for not describing that before. I've played in all colous by now and everyone including red gets this bug. 4.3b version Thanks again ^^ Akime
  2. Hello guys, I found a bug today that, when not in red spot, some elements just disappear. What i mean is that for example, you pick light and them you can't pick fire because at the element summoning center fire is gone... Thanks guys, Akime
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