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  1. On all pick getting a ton of fruits on very hard is not THAT hard (though my record is somewhere between 700-800 but i have only completed it twice at all pick, once over 600 once over 700). That is why it should be possible to play stuff like random / competetive etc to keep the game fresh. Playing against yourself is only fun for so long (it is a multiplayer game for a reason). The channels (both mirc and ingame) are also extreemly sparesly poppulated so trying to arrange a game that way is also very hard. Making comboboxes instead of dropdown boxes would be a major improvement. Host pick would also be a solution i suppose, but it still doesn't change the fact that options should be immeadiatly displayed to the user. Also difficulty should be chosen after seeing the modes. People might vote different for difficulty for competetive same random than all pick standard or extreme for example.
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