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  1. Bug: sometimes when You push "Sell" and "ESC" (I think) You get money back and towers don't sell. (This doubled my net worth in this replay) I don't know how did it happen exactly but this bug needs to be fixed. Getting extra 250 minerals on lvl 10 breaks the game on vhard. Bugs in this replay: 1 vespine when 1 guy left at lvl 10 (I was the host) 5 maxed nade towers sold (and not sold at the same time) - received 278 minerals out of thin air. Edited today: And another one I had around 5000 Minerals till wave 31! (Look at my net worth, it's 4k+) - I spammed nade towers in preparation for a big earth undead wave. When I sold nade towers and upgraded my D L W tower to lvl 2 (3500 minerals) check my balance - the upgrade didn't cost me a thing after selling so many towers. Thus my net worth on wave 32 is (SIC!) not UNDER 5k (I didn't have resell bought out) but OVER 8500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 505 fruits sell bug vespine bug.SC2Replay 350 fruits 3500 minreals bug.SC2Replay
  2. 1. I have had normal games with over 620 fruit points 2. I have had my best very hard game with 380 fruit points scored, really lucky build tho Why is the game favouring normal difficulty over very hard? Shouldn't that be the focus here ? I mean on normal You can stockpile money + get up to 160-80 lives and build a ton of towers. With very hard it's simply not possible and 2 additional points for getting a fruit simply don't balance the stakes so to say. 3. Resell option is really useless, it's a waste of 2 units of gas and with 5 second pauses between cleared waves there's no real way to profit, so interest was not changed - please stop lying about this - You couldn't figure any reasonable way for players to profit so You removed it. 4. Why are players not rewarded based on how many lives they loose. I get exactly the same XP if I get to wave 61 with 50 lives on very hard and 1 life. I think that "not leaking" does require a lot of planning in this game and there are no rewards for being good at it. As stated before in another thread, there's still only 1 viable strategy for the last (I think) 5 releases of this mod, it is playable but nothing great. good luck with Your project, I hope that it won't die out like all the other TD's before it.
  3. ok then, now with 3% income gameplay strategies are all the same and this td has no point whatsoever. no way to get cash just build element towers and go afk, no micro management needed anymore. but have it your way bro, good luck
  4. so, You changed interest choices to unlimited in 0.8 and then You call it a bug, brilliant. It's as if microsoft called vista a bug hehe. I didn't post to join your contests but to show that these op builds are still very possible.
  5. Enjoy the view ^^ Interest + Interest + Interest + Earth + Fire + Water + Earth + Fire + Water + Earth + Fire 25 Forges (+120% dmg) - 1 Forge per 5-6 blitz towers 2 Pure Earth Towers 113 Blitz towers (Cuz the total towers You can fit in the map atm is 140) I can't think of a better build so far I heard You nerfed Blitz towers... they're awesome anyway hehe 1125 fruits.SC2Replay
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