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    EleTD SC2

    it's either your Mac, some drivers, StarCraft's engine or the file format of the loadingscreen EDIT: you may try it with a lower resolution I have 3 macs, same on each models... even in windowed mode All my friends are on mac and they encounter the same issue, so i don't think my graphical drivers are involved...
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    EleTD SC2

    I can help you but i'm on Europe server .... Here is a screenshot
  4. zdevi

    EleTD SC2

    Yes im on a mac, and when it shows the scree It loads but 4 times on 5 it crashes before the loading screen and even when It loads the walloapers is just a bunch of billions of colored pixels
  5. zdevi

    EleTD SC2

    Me and my friends friends are having many troubles to launch the game, indeed it seems that the wallpaper of loading screen never loads properly and many times it makes sc2 crash... It happens 70% of time to me and 3 of my friends with who i'm playing. I love this TD, when it loads, it all good ! I hope that it will be fixed in an update...
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