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  1. Hi All - I found eletd on battle.net a couple of weeks ago and was totally thrilled that someone took the time to make a well balanced tower defense map. I love how there is a strategy component (selecting towers, upgrades, placement) and a skill component (manipulating interest). Much respect to those who created and maintain the game. Unfortunately it seems to have fallen out of favor and is played infrequently and typically by people who can't even get to 61 on VE AP. In my mind the best measure of skill & strategy is same random, but still I like to generate and execute strategies for other modes of play (including single player). That said I wanted to introduce myself to the community and ask a couple of questions about records. I've browsed the forums but information is everywhere and at times outdated. 1) What is the current version of the map? I took 4.3b off a bot on battle.net. 2) What is the record for ronalds in single player VH? Thanks in advance.
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