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  1. Normal mode (I play Verhard), Samerandom, Shortmode, Chaos mode Element : BOX1 L2 D2 W1 F2 N2 E1 ETD NM SR 56 Ronalds.w3g
  2. TW (E+N), (L+W), (L+F+D) in ETD4.3b WC3 They are very bad. I want guide to build those tower very good. Where is the good position to building?
  3. ThanK you. I play online. I find room ETD 4.3b hard to play. Because many people most play ETD 4.3e (mistake latest version) - - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rij4yndekSI
  4. ETD 4.3e, ETD 4.4 Fake map ???? Are these Karawasa's map??
  5. time : 24.00 creep wave 56 i build the second periodic tower of element but it was destroy and I lost money for build free !! and this game I lost ugly. ETD BUG.w3g
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