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  1. hi there, i managed to kill 121 ronalds, that's my record (i have to say that was "Very Easy", "All Pick") my strategy: in general: - save a lot of gold for a bigger interest - let the creeps survive a long way of the path to maximise time for interest building order: - at first a lot of Life tower (LN) - then Nova towers (LNF), later Supernova towers - Gold towers (LFE) for a greater income, later Wealth towers - Roots towers (NED) for a further slowdown, later Thorns towers - Elemental towers: Pure Darkness (D at lvl3), because it has the most Damage (294375) - at the latest levels fill up the path with Decay (DN, from Disease) towers for all the remaining gold for details: watch the replay bye bye and happy ronald hunting 121_ronalds.w3g
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