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  1. Hi... My name is lanejared . I have done Bachelor in Commerce in 1996, then I have done Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relation and Personnel Management. I love playing CASIO and by the time I am learning it. My Goal is to become a Efficient Manager.
  2. Hi.. Please list makes and models. I am trying to find a mobile phone that I can play pogo games on while travelling. The iphone does not work. I need a phone that can use java software and prefer one that already has it installed.
  3. Hi... I am currently learning C++ and I have been asked to make a program which will calculate the interest that would be paid on a deposit of a given size. One of the requirements is that we display an error message when non-integer data is entered. I however cannot work out how to detect if non-integer data has been entered. If anyone could provide an example of how this problem is solved it would be much appreciated!
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