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  1. here is my failure replay Eletd 4.0PB Hard......w3g
  2. .... have no confidence anymore to beat it....... I just cant predict/built/rebuilt so fast.. usally I make ALL different elemets towers as possible (2 elements first, and if can 3 element towers of 1017 gold etc..) and don't resell all of them...just most expensive one/easiest rebuilt one... replay....maybe tonight....I will just die....on hard....
  3. damn you're good!... cant even pass level 40 with hard.......... you built/rebuilt so fast~~................sigh...
  4. remember that I use 1.20E though thnx again Cisz, you're a life saver!
  5. hi Cisz:) thnx for your reply! ACtually I am talking about the newest map 4.0 ofcourse. I love it. I read your FAQs and the other info long ago, and I do know about the undead and mechanical. Just maybe need to know whether I should mass 2, 3 places full of different towers, or just 2, 3 very strong (3 elementals) in the mid for long way or 2-way? Or when to switch what? It seems when It try, it will leak and is often already too late to rebuild etc etc...hmmmm
  6. Hi Guys, I have been playing Eletd quite some time. Just my 1st time posting here I started with very easy some time ago then easy and can now beat normal (what I mean with beat is at least pas level 60 , where 61 Ronald is just a big test.. my record is 224 ronalds though) Now I tried many times but cannot beat Hard ..so also not Very Hard.. I don't know what I did wrong. I tried different ways, 2 ways, long way...etc.etc. Can you guys who beat hard/ very hard give me advice? like; WHEN to change from arrow and splash towers INTO elementals? when you have 2 elementals? or even wait for 3? OH yeah have to say that I always play random (more fun). is -AP neccesary to beat hard/ very hard? So yeah the problem for me is, kinda during the half of the game. around level 30 or so... I will lose too many lives after a while before I reach even 50... I can't watch your guys newest replays because, Im playing the Chinese version (im in China) and we use an older warcraft version here-.-" 1.20E Anyone can give me tips and advices? Thnx Cheng
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