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Some ideas for Dota 2 & Mobile versions

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After play them in a enough time, I have some ideas for both versions: Dota 2 & Mobile. I'll merge to one this topic for easy follow.


For both:

- Change towers model to what can easy understand, easy remember. I have to play with my friends in local, they can't speak english, hard to say about towers with them

- Change towers name to what can easy remember, example Gods name or depend tower model

- Add 1 life mode same in WarCraft 3

- Random some funny events or easter eggs while playing. Example: some goblins run to a tower and push it, if player touch to them then they'll escape run, if not and have enough time then they'll make tower move to other place or steal it


Only Dota 2:

- Add kill streaks in multiplayer like Dota 2. If who have faster wave finish then will show a kill streak on screen for all players. This feature can sell like Dota 2

- Add more music and can custom or random them


Only Mobile

- I know the game have optimize for low end devices can play, but how about with players playing on high end devices? How about with a option allow change graphics to good more than

- Is possible make verus with other players? I have feeling little lonely

- Add short mode, start game at wave 16 same in Dota 2

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