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Guest CptnWaffles

[Beta 4] Testing 1...2...3

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Guest CptnWaffles

Been playing around with attempts to break the game this morning and haven't come up with anything huge (class A for all you nuts looking to game test professionally) but a few things that make the game sightly uncomfortable at times.

Slightly More Important Issues:

- Mobs have issues turning corners and periodically "walk" or slow down as they round corners

- Major Lag spike when a player dies (system hangs for 5-10 seconds depending on the number of towers the player owns)

- Average amounts of lag throughout the game, mostly after creeps turn the first or second corner, though it may be my slow system (stats at the bottom)

- Once all players have died, the game waits till the next wave before announcing the game is over. Possibly moving the detection from the beginning of the wave to "upon player death" events would solve that.

Trivial things:

- Shows Text "Not enough Votes" after the host chooses all 3 options without any actual player voting

- Cannons, Improved Cannons, and Super Cannons shoot the ground beneath the flying mobs. Possibly splitting their attacks into two and then modifying the arc for the flying creeps would fix that.

- Keeper of the Grove (Nature, Level 2) Seems to get caught in the South-East Corner of the map.

- All mobs seems to slow down or pause periodically when they are being hit by 25 or more attacks

- When choosing what to spend your lumber on, players are only given the choice of "Interest" 5 times. (Not sure if that's intentional but there's a working strategy that would be more viable if that limit were extended to 8 ).

Monster things:

- Dark Elves from wave 9 seem to be extremely easy in Normal Mode

- All creeps marked "Healing" begin with a higher max health and thus begin healing to max upon entrance to the maze. This causes normal, easy, and very easy modes to be fairly hard despite the handicap. (Not sure if that is intended or not).

Running Stats: (just in case you think it might be my paper weight, I mean... laptop)

Winblows XP

Pentium 4, 2.8ghz (hyper-threading, 2 CPUs)

1280mb Ram

Geforce FX Go5200, 64mb Video Ram

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Guest emjlr3

considering that comp is prolly a good 5 years old, and that VC is teh Poo, and there is no lag, at least not much, i am happy

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Guest CptnWaffles

I restarted my computer and the TD suddenly began working perfectly fine, lag free except for the huge spike when I died. Quite odd.

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Guest Sancdar

I'm running a comparable system at the moment, and it's more than enough for WC3. I'm guessing the lag was related to something else you were doing, since I don't get any during gameplay.

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