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Poker/BlackJack mode

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Hey guys

So I've played a tower def back in brood war called poker defense. I'm sure some of you guys have heard about it. Basically, you play poker inside the game and you receive a certain group of units depending on what combination of cards you get. You fight against the waves of units the same as everybody else. After every wave, you get to play poker again to receive another batch etc.

Poker in sc works with different type of units representing a card. Ie marine = King Queen=Queen etc.

Blackjack mode would work similar.. maybe.. Or blackjack mode could be winning a set amount of minerals/gas for how high your card is (21 = highest and anything past 21 = 0)and you have a few hero units to buy/upgrade from that.

These modes could be supplemented by an income system. Most common is scv mining minerals or gas for unit upgrades.

Probably would be a fun mode to try =D.


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