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  1. Sweet. Looks like fun changes. Now if only I had an internet fast enough to play online so I could test out all the changes shadow made to tropical tag. Ah well, I guess it will have to go through it's first stages without my input. You're going to have to join me for a game sometime when I'm back home Kara.

  2. heh Kara mentioned his work on it while tropical tag was finishing development.

    Personally I find that anything on wc3campaigns is a good map. Even if I don't always enjoy the playstyle, the maps are always well made. (though sometimes old maps get bugged from bnet version updates)

    quality control is a wonderful thing.

  3. Heh, working on a new version eh Karawasa? Well if I wasn't busy with school and was half decent at TDs I might help you out.

    I spose I'll still check in from time to time though.

    EDIT: basic tower... so true.

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