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  1. On 18-6-2016 at 9:29 AM, WindStrike said:

    We do wanna add Achievements, buuuuut between UI shenanigans, new art icons for them, and figuring out potential rewards systems for them.... yeeeaaaah this won't be anytime soon unfortunately. We're still trying to focus on improving the functionality of the core game first, but we will be adding achievements down the road.

    Amazing to hear I will be looking forward to the updates in the future I'm very happy to see you guys creating another great implementation of u guys one the Android platform.

  2. Just finished a few games as well. I must say the game is fun! But with the stuff Iser is pointing out here well it would be even better. The lack of information is clearly a little downside at the moment. Also see if u can get any achievements in the game maybe? (This isn't priority though) If I find something I'll post it here.

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