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  1. Is it difficult to add some custom abilities to each wave?

    For example add some ability or double hp for the next wave.

    It can give more points, but if they reach the end, it will cost twice more lives.

    Or it can cost some gold, but creeps will give you more bounty.

  2. I think it would be great if pure towers have their uniq abilities.


    Pure Fire:

    X% for critical strike (may be only on main target)

    Pure Nature:

    X% chance to poison (not stackable) for Y seconds

    Pure Earth:

    microbash on main target for 0.X seconds and Y damage

    Pure Water:

    X% slow for Y seconds

    Pure Light:

    X% chance for chain strike

    Pure Darkness:

    -X armor (not stackable) for Y seconds


    Some of these abilities can be already used in double or triple towers, but maybe replace them with the new ones? For example

    Glaive tower:

    Each attack bounces between creeps for maximum X times, damage reduction per bouce Y%.


    Creep Type: Destroyer

    When creep dies, all towers in small radius can't attack for X seconds.

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