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  1. This video is kind of important to this discussion, please see it to see where my points are comming from

    Ait lets start

    So here we go. I think Cannon/arrow towers shoudl get a lvl 2 or 3 upgrade, however the level 1 form is really strong - except for cannon towers.

    cannon towers in general got the short end of the stick and i think they kinda suck, however the arrow towers are really strong expecially early with pretty amazing DPS. i say its save to say that if we just buff the damage too much you will end up being able to just spam those towers - hell, i ve beaten half the game (and maybe couldve continued a bit more if i wouldnt have tried to force anything) in express mode doing just that

    cannon towers just attack way too slow, have no range, and deal way to little AOE or damage in general to make it worth it

    I do howveer believe that arrow and cannon towers, and expiecally the 5 element towers are big parts of this game.
    or maybe even more : they should be.

    What do you guys think of the composite towers? I think there should be 3 more, with some soft mechanics and making them just weak enough to not spam only them however strong enough / giving them update to make them strong enough, to base builds around them. Considering 1/6 of the game/plus icefrogs are composite type, itll be only fair!

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