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  1. 1 hour ago, Lavathing said:

    Ah, very nice! What are your thoughts on getting the Pure on 6 or 7? Guide says 6 atm because that seemed most popular, but I've been testing it and I think I prefer Water 2 at 6 and Pure at 7 rather than the inverse.

    I think it depends on the waves you get. I don't spend my 5th lumber until I get my 6th (After wave 25) to ensure I have enough damage to kill the lvl 3 nature element. If wave 26 is going to be a hard wave, I get pure as my 6th to quickly upgrade to a refined nature tower, since I might have had to spend extra money on nature towers further along in the maze to finish off the lvl 3 nature element as wave 26 is starting. 

    In one of my games I chose lvl 3 water as my 6th, and then did pure as my 7th before the element was killed, so it showed up as 6th. 

  2. 32 minutes ago, Lavathing said:

    It wasn't my highscore, I linked to the top score on the leaderboard who was using that build I described, which at the time was #1 overall. However, it appears that user no longer exists on steam, so it disappeared off the leaderboard.

    In terms of me personally, I'm sitting at rank 41 on the leaderboards, but I'm not claiming to be the best player (or even close), just good at watching replays and writing organized, easy to follow guides. :P

    I see. Nice work on the guide, it is indeed quite well done. I'm #7 currently leaderboard, so I just missed the cut of the examples you linked to in the guide ;) 

  3. If you clear an entire boss wave you get something like 25,000 points. The waves will come one after another, so the "Current Wave" will keep going up even if you don't completely clear any of the waves, but the number shown in the leaderboard will correspond to how many waves you actually cleared completely.

  4. You get additional points for clearing the boss waves, the top person cleared several boss waves it appears, that he is how got over 1,000,000. Your speed bonus will reset if you fail to clear a wave in 30 seconds, this will cause your speed bonus to be much less than 135% late game. If I fail to clear a wave in under 30 seconds, usually happens around round 25 for me, my score will be in the 700ks.

    EDIT: To clarify, you can get to boss wave 6, without actually clearing any of the waves completely, since they come one after another in rush mode. To get the points for the boss wave you have to fully clear all 30 frogs in it.

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