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  1. Well, I was about to hop on to ask about this, and here I see it officially announced...... well, maybe not complete with info/screenshots, but yeah, I'm lookin' forward to this.

    Seeing as you're saying "a few months", I'm guessing the DOTA 2 version is a lot easier to make, ie simpler map editor? Dunno, just guessing. One thing I'm curious about... how's the UI going to work? Traditionally used to WC3/SC2 UI setup, where buy-stuff is in bottom-right corner, along with tower abilities, with stats at bottom. This'd put abilities in mid with stats next to it, in theory. Do you intend on using that give towers more abilities, upgrades, and/or flexibility?

    The map editor is really tricky, no official support yet. For what the mappers of Dota2 use is modified Alien Swarm SKDs Hammer which is designed for a First Person Shooter games. There's alot of using third party tools and messing around.

    For abilities and UI we can use Flash in dota engine, so we've got many possibilities

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