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  1. Noddy

    Speed challenge!

    zzz can upload to megaupload ?
  2. Noddy

    Ronald Stalling vh

    hi Cisz , nope i cant watch , i'm currently version 1.21 The whole forum here is using rapidshare for file transfer which is terrible for me nod
  3. Noddy

    Extreme Mode help!

    OK i got it ... Thanks!
  4. hey bros , I went through the whole of this forum . I eagerly searching on replays that could stall ronald on Very hard mode. However , it is always saved as rapidshare which i am unable to download it . It always says : "You have reached your download limit. Pls wait ??? minutes." Can anyone kindly send it through savefile? o.0 >>>Cisz , can send me ur ronald stalling replay to my email ? lol thx email : [email protected] Noddy
  5. Noddy

    Extreme Mode help!

    hmm i tried ... but leak a few... Here it is... http://www.savefile.com/files/1120936 Burning Acid : hmm , i cant open ur file =( dunno why ....
  6. Noddy

    Extreme Mode help!

    thanks alot really ! Here has lotta kind souls ... God bless, Noddy
  7. Noddy

    Extreme Mode help!

    plz dun save it in rapidshare coz i'm using a router thx !
  8. Hi all I was wondering are there any samples of replay for extreme mode? I tried but keep on losing lives. Many thanks , Nod
  9. ha ok sure thing ... but just curious to know about it
  10. Oh ok sure thing thanks btw ... hmm ur have been saying about lwdf-n build can i know more about it ? coz starting ice tower build not really that efficient or maybe i had overlook sth else o.0?
  11. haha okok really thanks for all of your comments and suggestions. However i thought that using life tower to gain life is not very efficient coz it has a low damage - 275. Initially , i when i first started to play a eletd, my aim is to get as much life as possible.Getting the maximum life that no one aim before. However i still had to survive every round rite? Undead tower able to help me settle mid game (lvl 20- lvl 35). However after lvl 35 , undead tower damage is totally useless... Therefore from there onwards , i switch to pure earth , starting to slowly build slow tower as well. I tried using as many sludge as possible however its damage are too low... Anyway is there a thread here explaining the different mode in eletd ? Sorry i'm rather noob here hehe
  12. OK noted , really thanks for that did learn sth today hehe
  13. Ya thx 1mpulse... I'm really bad in building towers and selling them ... but will play more to improve.... btw cisz what the channel in irc ? i went in to #eletd but nobody there
  14. Ya , actually i view ur replay too much times ... and i dun understand how u can sell and build with high net worth in the end. I tried but that 75% cash back is still a problem... Therefore i'm still a noobie in eletd...
  15. Hi all , This is my replay ... I NEED YOUR ADVICES ! HEHEHE http://www.savefile.com/files/1076656 Ended with 68 lives with 4 pure element. Thx.... Noddy
  16. Noddy


    Dearest Cisz , HEHEHE ok i upload the replay at the strategy section BUT be sure to recruit me HEHEHE Noddy
  17. Noddy


    Yoz Brudders , I'm Nod , from singapore. Started playing td very long time ago with "very easy mode" Recently just jump to "Very Hard mode" Keep on trying for few hours infront of my screen and finally came up with a strategy delnewdepp (P=pure) Ended the game with 72 lives . Currently 18 this year .... Cya around =) Noddy
  18. Hi all , I'm new here and wish to join a clan ... Anyone wan to recruit me =( Noddy
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