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  1. Hi Renegade ,

    I have watched your replay and found out certain commonly mistakes ^^

    1) Are you training for the sake of playing with your friends(mulitplayer) or just training for youself only?

    Why? : You build at around numpad 9 is not a wise decision to be. At multiplayer, you will definitely struggle as when you have not finish killing the creeps , the next wave comes in.

    2) Getting water tower at lvl 8 is too fast ?

    Why? : Prolly for you, you might feel is all right , but i would strongly recommend to dealing simply with just cannons and arrow up to lvl 20 to maximise your networth ^^

    3) Leaked 6 lives from boss elements ?

    Why? : If you had extra cash , i will recommend you to build arrow towers to kill boss elements. Furthermore , before you summon them out , are you sure that given your current towers , will you able to kill them ?

    4) Does your first windstorm build correctly?

    Why? : You build your first windstorm at numpad 6 , I would strongly recommend you to build at numpad 5. What if your windstorm suddenly switch direction to kill the unfinish creeps at the right side lane? You managed to cover up this mistake by adding in another windstorm which build at numpad 5 at the later part of the game

    5) Are you sure of what your strategy is ?

    Why? : Start by a simple build such as LWFN ? or EDWN ? You summon lvl 2 water and fire boss element out before summoning lvl 1 light element . LOL? Thats incorrect ! Always get slow towers first . i would rather categorize the whole of elements towers to slow , support and damage towers. Know what to build and how to build it. Furthermore , dun ever take nova as ur damage tower . They are slowing towers only ^^

    Finale ....

    If you really wish to turn good , you must really memorise the countering of elements well . For example , fire can easily kill nature creeps. This are quite important and set the different between a gd and normal players ^^

    I post a sample replay for you and is a standard build of LWFN . Thanks to Cisz for recommending this build to me ^^,

    As you see from the replay, i know what towers i needed . For example , gettting a headstart of boss element of fire , water and nature , i could form nova directly ^^

    Slow towers : nova , windstorm , ice and flame

    damage towers : tidal and impulse , pure water , pure fire

    Try to build a pure at lvl 55.

    After you see this replay , you will notice a great different in me and you is that , i dont build lots and every single towers available in the game. Just know what to build and how to build ^^

    4.0 normal pick.w3g

  2. hi Cheng ,

    I'm not as pro as Cisz , but to my experience on play eletd rite ...

    For Vhard , hard , you must take note of 2 things :

    1) What are your slowing towers?

    2) What are your damage towers

    In my build , i normally had root , nova and windstorm as my slowing towers . For damage, most of them use quaker and flamethrower . So in conclusion , Just remember ...

    You slow them together and attack them with splash damage ^^,

    Thats all , hope that i did help you abit...

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