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  1. The last opponent left at wave 48 and then I got the extra gas(es).

    You got them at the moment he left?

    I have seen something like this but you don't get the gas you can just spend it from his pool even if you see you have 0 gas.

  2. Many times when trying to use torrent towers they get me killed because every once in a while when it's supposed to cast... it does nothing. an entire wave that should have been 1shot walked past my torrent tower I don't know how many times, somehow dodging the spell which was probably never cast. This seems to happen more often when you try to manually use it.

  3. There's a replay (if you can get them to work) of EFL getting 268 fruit kills on very hard in solo mode.

    I am aware of that build and it doesn't work in multiplayer so I don't consider it evidence of wealth towers being worth using since this is a multiplayer game.

  4. Much like the (LN) Life towers, the goal is to set it up so that a line of very injured creeps leaves your main damage area (generally short range aoe towers), and is then picked off by these towers.

    It requires a bit of care to use them correctly, but they can be *very* powerful in the right hands.

    I would like to see proof of concept of this. I have been experimenting with these towers and aoe towers of two different damage types heavily and nothing is working out well.

    Fast waves ruin you, the amount of extra networth/money you have at the end is not significant, and interest builds completely dominate wealth without all the effort of having to balance aoe towers just right to get creeps low so the wealth can try to get some kills.

    I remember the last time I tried wealth some guy made nothing but mold towers, got to fruit with 50 lives and had 3-4 times my networth because he went 1 interest. he complained his builds does so much better when he gets 2.

    I am not seeing appropriate reward for the cost/effort for these towers. If anyone can prove they are not really underpowered and are actually worth using (as in they pay off and not that you are just alive) I want to see it in a replay of a multiplayer game.

  5. Well what is the point of towers that give +50%/+100% bounty if you don't attempt to at least get a large amount of kills on them to make use of the double bounty? Otherwise they never even pay themselves off.

    Celerity/velocity are much better at finishing things off, and if you're making towers that give double bounty you will want to be mass killing things with them or you may as well just go velocity instead which attacks almost 3x faster, much bigger range and much bigger dps.

    In its current form it is a pointless tower that is a waste of resources.

  6. If you go wealth towers and any other combo for waves wealth are weak against you will leak so much because wealth towers are incredibly bad.

    You must go wealth and 2 other combos since you cant trust wealth to hold anything.. but since you waste money on wealth you leak anyway because you wasted your money on wealth instead of your other 2 combos.

    They never pay themselves off and people who go interest and use different combos have much more money than you. Isn't the point of wealth to have more money..? So you will have less money and just kill yourself for wasting your resources on them.

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