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  1. Yes I do. I mean I'll put it blatantly: I don't think that easier difficulty levels should have more cash than the harder ones. If you can kill your waves with less towers, you should have your income reduced in kind. Right now, vh makes 1.1 creep bounty (I believe normal is 1), so for 10% added bounty, they have 100% harder creeps.

    This really makes little sense.

  2. 2%+percentage of creep HP divided by armor.

    That is, for very easy, they get 2.00+.5/.9=2.56%

    VE: 2+.5/.9=2.56%

    E: 2+.625/.8=2.78125%

    N: 2+.75/.7=3.0714%

    H: 2+.875/.6=3.4583333%

    VH: 2+1/.5=4%

    And then, we'd all get to summon 11 element guardians instead of 10.

  3. The numbers:

    Quake: .4*200/.66=121.21

    Torrent: 2067/(100/(10/(1/.31)))=66.6774194


    Quake: 40% chance to hit for 200 every 2/3rds second=121 AoE DPS

    Torrent: 2067 damage/(100 attacks/(1/.31 attacks per second))=66.6774194 AoE DPS

    Yes, torrent has 2 more range. That is irrelevant.

    On single target damage:

    Quake: 200/.66=303

    Torrent: 80/.31=258.064516

    Also of note is that even with a fountain tower, you'll only get torrent/tsunami's AoE once every 14 seconds. This is compared to 1.21 AoEs every second with quake. Meaning that your variance will be through the roof on torrent. Sometimes, you'll completely overkill a wave, and other times, the AoE won't hit jack crap.


    Torrent is extremely shitty.

    Furthermore, until both mildew and ice get ground attack commands, mildew >>> ice by virtue of the fact that you'll only hit ice's detonation if you're firing directly into an enemy line, instead of any other direction.

    Aka if you go LNW, your triple-element tower sucks, as does your aoe dual element. So if you want to go immortal+fountain, those are the only two towers you'll be building the entire game.

    Suggestion: instead of cranking up the levels on torrent, simply have it do a 360 AoE pop every 10 attacks, and have tsunami hit for 1800 every 10 attacks automatically. Also, increase single target damage to 90.

    Ice needs attack ground.

  4. On the topic of laser: the problem is that its own 2-element towers really don't mesh all that well with it. Electron and trickery are more light damage, and cannon really has no synergy with it at all, either. Now once you start looking into quad element builds:

    DELW: Laser becomes a bonus to hail.

    DELN: Laser becomes a bonus to obliteration.

    DELF: This is just a stupid build. Radius/flamethrower/money/laser on triple element? Even if radius is amazing, money, laser, and flamethrower all suck.

    This tower simply has no identity on its own. Its dual-elements have no synergy with it, and quad-elementing into anything else just gets you a better damage tower that eclipses it (that is, DL gets you 2 very solid damage towers in hail and oblit, quite possibly a monster (or a complete dud) in radius, and something completely hohum with laser).

    There's honestly no real way to reconcile the fact that the other 3 have very strong long range aoe damage, and laser is short range and single target.

  5. Okay, point made--then make the tower unsellable while the element change is on CD. And if this CD is something like 4-5 waves long, then it'll be a decision not made lightly.

    Also I suppose if you gave the tower a cost for changing elements (EG 10% of its total cost), that might also balance this. EG 150 for a level 1 triple, 500 for a level 2 triple, and so forth.

    The reason is so that you don't have things like the hail tower tech tree, which is all light, except for poison which is water.

    For instance, think about quake. (EFN). It itself is an earth-type damage tower. Its three two element towers are: forge (fire), mold (nature), and infrared (fire), so even if you discount forge due to its support tower nature, you still have all three types of elemental damage in three solid towers (arguably infrared could stand a buff).

    The reason I suggested this is this:

    Consider hail (DLW). It does light damage. Its two-element components are trickery (light), ice (light), and poison (water). And considering that poison sucks, this makes this even worse. Now what if you made ice a water type tower? Now consider torrent (LNW). It does water damage. Its base towers are well (water), ice (light), and perpetual (nature). So if you made ice a water type, now suddenly the torrent tree is unbalanced in terms of the damage types it has.

    Hence I believe players should be allowed to change the elemental damage type of towers. Yes, this may result in some triple towers getting spammed (EG hail water, hail light, hail dark), but if every tower was useful (quite a few are not--flamethrower, celerity, ephemeral, laser, torrent, drowning are all very much useless, and in terms of duals, ice, jet, perhaps electron, poison, death, infrared, possibly magnify are all substandard), this would not be a needed measure.

    However, due to the fact that there are so many bad towers, IMO the players should be able to make up for this.

  6. So long as the CD is long enough that we're not just switching elements depending on the wave (IE greater than 60 seconds), IMO it's just something that should make him be honest with the fact that certain builds might simply suck due to no variety in damage type, and this would allow players to address this.

    I mean yeah, you can have oblit light+oblit nature, or hail water+hail light to give you a more rounded build. But IMO that's a fault of the game's for not providing us with enough different towers to get access to those damage types to begin with and has nothing to do with balance so much as an aspect of the game's design which can be improved.

    IMO it's not supposed to be a feature unique to one tower, but to all towers with 2-3 elements.

  7. So I was wondering...why do certain towers do certain damage types? Why is one damage type more valid than another?

    Why does a life tower do nature? Why not light?

    What about my personal pet peeve--hail--why does it do light, and not water?

    Well, long story short, I was wondering--what if we could toggle tower damage type, albeit with some arduous cooldown (EG 180 seconds or so) in order to be able to round out damage types? For instance, consider the hail tower--aside from the poison tower, which I have no reason to believe is any good, ice, trickery, and hail are all light based damage types, meaning they are all weak to the same element--earth. But what if I could change one of my hail towers to a water type damage? Or a dark type damage? This would allow me to diversify my elemental damage types.

    This issue also compounds depending on certain builds. For instance, IMO, the new "in" build is EFLN (level 3 EF) for very similar reasons to DELN. Now in this case, both money and quake towers are earth type damage. Well, what if we could make one of these a fire type to cover the nature weakness but in turn create a weakness to water where there was none?

    Now I realize that this may allow players to get away with massing a single type of tower, but on the other hand, I do believe that it would really create some excellent strategies if you consider a quad element build.

  8. I think everything is fine now in terms of this issue. Now to get replays working so I can see how people get freaking 400k net worth with quake or haste on very hard.

    (Tried haste on very hard...and in the words of GSP...I am not impressed by this performance.)

  9. Argh.

    Well, what I have to say is this: there are tons of strategies that work spectacularly well on hard on down that simply do not work on very hard. In many cases, a normal player can rack up crazy amounts of interest where the very hard player would have to build more towers. I wonder if it'd be fair to make the bounty based off of effective HP--that is:

    50% HP, 10% DR=.5/.9=.55

    62.5% HP, 20% DR=.625/.8=.78125

    75% HP, 30% DR = 1.0714

    87.5% HP, 40% DR = .875/.6=1.458133

    100% HP, 50% DR = 2.

    Right now, I believe that very hard gets 1.1x bounty, and I believe very easy gets 1x.

    I suppose now that the countdown timer is 60 seconds, it's independent of other players, but the other day, I was seeing normal difficulty players fill up the field with seism towers. Tried it on VH, had like 40k left unspent and died to the last two commandos because I kept hoarding, with like a network of 100k.

    Maybe I was doing it wrong but ehhh...

    Hail tower still needs to have damage changed to water type. I mean consider this: light+water=light damage. Dark+light=light. Dark+water=trash (don't get), and dark+water+light=light.

    Obliteration tower needs to have its manual reload time down to 7 seconds. If you don't want to manual reload, fine. But if we're vigilant enough to reload at just the right time, I think we shouldn't get screwed by manual reload cooldown. That is, if a tower works better through micro, we should at least be able *to* micro it.

    Tsunami is nowhere near as good as quake. It's not even close.

    Can we please address tsunami, hail, and the fact that very hard doesn't get enough $ in comparison to lower difficulties?

  10. I find two Mildew Towers placed at location 4 can kill everything through level 20 on VH. By kill I mean utterly destroy. Seems a bit strong personally.

    Location 4?

  11. That's ridiculous. I'm sorry but I find Mildew to not be everything people make it out to be. Now maybe I'm putting them in the wrong place but they always leak bosses and later fire waves.

  12. Ice and Hail towers--damage type changed to water.

    Justification: because you already have light damage with trickery tree, and the basic light towers are without a shadow of a doubt the best single-element towers in the game. Right now, the hail tree has a massive imbalance of light-based damage. If hail and ice would be water-type damage towers, that would allow this build to complement with light-type damage, giving a more complete build. In fact--generally, anytime you have light damage on a two-element tower, odds are, it doesn't need it. Why? Because light towers are the best single damage element in the game. Good damage at 22 range = thanks.

    Obliteration tower--damage moved back up to 400, manual reload time moved down to 7 seconds, auto reload time up to 4 seconds.

    Justification: this tower is not imbalanced. I repeat: this tower is not imbalanced. There is nothing particularly overpowering about it. It simply has the basics that it needs: damage, range, aoe, all 3 support towers (both triples and a dual) with a quad element trip into earth. IMO this tower could stand to be less effective as a fire and forget tower, but if someone has the micro to watch each and every one of their oblit towers, they should be rewarded, not punished with an absurd cooldown.

    Earthquake tower--range increased to 12.

    Justification: the only thing that makes this tower really lacking is its horrid lack of range.

    Steam: range to 12

    Justification: 10 range=crap range.

    Magnify: haven't tried it yet. Will have to see how it works in practice. So far, I don't have my hopes up on this.

    Poison: double its damage.

    Justification: has anyone ever found a use for this thing? Looking it, the old obliteration used to do 2000. This does around 800. Even after accounting for the fact that it's 40% cheaper, that does not explain the massive damage discrepancy. (And once again, I only use oblit for comparison due to range+aoe comparisons...oblit dmg is not OP and in fact wasn't at 400)

    Death: Up range to 16, see what happens.

    Justification: 8 range single target? Are you serious?

    Laser: have to try this one...when did it get damage boosted from 225 to 600?! Holy crap. Anyway, IMO this should be a darkness-based damage tower.

    Justification: if you have a Light-damage tower and it's not splash, then you should spend your minerals on just upgrading light towers because they have decent damage, but great attack speed and amazing range. There is no need to sacrifice that range for any other type of light damage. Period.

    Torrent/Tsunami: autocast douse at every second upgrade. (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)

    Justification: because you have one AoE attack every 14 seconds? Really? So your damage over time on that 10000 damage, even assuming 14 seconds thanks to a fountain tower, is still abysmally low at a low range. So this is 714 AoE damage at 10 range per second. Now the seism tower, without a factory tower, does 500 damage in an 8 range aoe. With a factory, this is 1100 damage per second.

    Flooding: Remake this tower completely.

    Justification: it's a complete waste right now, because either the instant-kill is worth it and you can build a strategy around instant-killing entire waves, or you can't, and it's garbage. There is literally no in between. This falls firmly into the latter camp.

    Radius: Get this tower implemented. Right now, DFL is a no-go due to the missing triple tower. Also, make this fire damage as you already have darkness on so many triple-element damage towers.

    All other mono towers except light: suck compared to light.

    Difficulty levels: whatever solution was put in still does not address the fact that if you play VH on multiplayer, you're going to need eternal/immortality towers to survive, and that's that. Try it without it, and odds are, you will fail--no matter what you do, because there are douchebags that like to camp the front on very easy. And that's that.

    IMO: bounty should be adjusted to .66, .83, 1, 1.1667, 1.333. Similarly, the base interest should be 2%, 2.25%, 2.5%, 2.75%, 3%, respectively. Basically the bounty comes from the fact that even with the same HP, very hard armor vs. very easy armor makes those creeps about twice as hard to kill. And on top of that, they have double the HP, so they're about 4x as hard to kill as on very easy. From personal experience, if you know what you're doing, you can basically get a perfect run on any difficulty but very hard. On very hard, you will leak in a multiplayer game, and you'll leak consistently. This must be addressed.

  13. IMO it should also be in multiplayer mode. Just about all of these "take your time" VH strategies absolutely don't hold any water once someone else finishes the wave before you do. Generally I find that on VH, it's more or less impossible to survive without at least eternal towers (though in situations where you can get immortal towers, you should most certainly do, as they'll assure you that you will be able to survive the waves).

  14. It's the go-to tower for damage not because it's so amazing but because you can surround it with every single thing in the book to complement its weaknesses. It gets deceit/spike/invocation by going dark 3 light 3 earth 2, has mortar to cover its earth weakness, and has range, aoe, and damage. It isn't that it's freaking spectacular at anything--it's that it's part of a well-rounded build!

    In fact, hail was this prior to getting its water type damage changed to light!

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